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Paki Pipeline Blown Up by Rebels

The damage has caused a shortfall of 110 mcdf of gas per day
08 August 2006 , 14:000

Pakistan: LNG Market Price Shouldn't Be Linked With Iran gas prices

Pakistan dislikes linking the Iran gas price with the spot LNG price
20 February 2006 , 11:440

Mutual Understanding of India and Pakistan

The two sides agreed that the Indian side would provide the Pakistan side drafts of the tripartite agreement
12 September 2005 , 12:390

India, Pakistan Discussing New Pipeline

A Pakistani delegation visited New Delhi on Monday to discuss the pipeline construction
12 July 2005 , 09:230

US Not Move Towards Sanctions: Rice

She added that that was really "amazing" that the US have managed to have very positive relations
20 June 2005 , 12:110

Iran, Pakistan To Build Gas Pipeline

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh would visit Pakistan to discuss the proposed gas pipeline project
14 June 2005 , 14:590

Pakistan, India To Cooperate

Pakistan has agreed to work with India for accessing vast oil and gas reserves
14 June 2005 , 11:310

Iran-India Pipeline Problems

The gas price will increase in India if the proposed Iran-India gas pipeline via Pakistan
16 December 2004 , 11:400

India's Beneficial Talks With Pakistan

India's oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar said that he is eager to continue negotiations
25 November 2004 , 11:090

Russia To Help In Indo-Pak Reconciliation

Moscow was ready to assist in Indo-Pakistani negotiations
09 August 2004 , 08:290

Pakistan Throws an Atomic Party

Government representatives from 17 countries to join...
12 April 2004 , 11:090

Pakistan Increasing Arms

The Pakistani government has chalked out a comprehensive program to equip...
07 April 2004 , 13:120

Pakistan Moving Away from Petroleum»

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has directed his government to facilitate...
06 April 2004 , 09:150

The Benefits of Cooperation

Pakistan bags $30 million Iraqi deal...
05 April 2004 , 14:200

Pakistan Denies Access to Nuclear Facilities

In his address to the Pakistani American community in San Francisco...
30 March 2004 , 12:100

US Steps Up Pakistan Efforts

The Pakistan-American Business Association ...
29 March 2004 , 11:240

Pakistani Energy on the Upswing

Country touted as 'an ideal place for investment'....
23 March 2004 , 09:100

Pakistan Opens for Further Investment

The Pakistani government will grant exploration licences to...
22 March 2004 , 09:290

Nuclear Fears Raised

Pakistan's most advanced missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead deep into...
11 March 2004 , 13:530

Pakistan-Kuwait to Improve Ties

Kuwaiti Ambassador, Mansoor Abdullah Alawazi, has met with...
25 February 2004 , 13:040

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