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Pakistan, Iran, India Agreed Gas Price

The deal has removed the main obstacle to the signing of a three-way agreement on building the 2,300 km pipeline
17 July 2007 , 12:210

India, Paki and Iran to Sign Pipeline Construction Deal

India, Pakistan and Iran are expected to sign a deal by the end of July to build a $7bn gas pipeline
13 June 2007 , 13:020

Iran, India, Pakistan to Construct Pipeline Without USA Prevention

Iran, India and Pakistan are making progress in talks on a planned $7 billion gas pipeline
06 June 2007 , 11:450

Pakistan, Iran Speed Up Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline Project

Pakistani and Iranian oil ministers met Thursday in Riyadh on the sideline of an Asian energy conference
04 May 2007 , 09:300

Pakistan Gas Prices To Rise

Pakistan is set to remove a government cap on natural gas prices that has deterred potential investment
13 April 2007 , 09:440

Pakistani Oil Output Decreased

The total oil and gas production of Pakistan decreased by 4.8 percent
27 February 2007 , 12:030

Pakistan, India and Iran Close to Agree on Long-awaited Pipeline

Pakistan is close to signing a pricing formula with India and Iran on building a much-delayed $7 billion
19 February 2007 , 10:180

Iran Threatens India to Pay More for Gas

Iran has warned India that it will strike a bilateral deal with Pakistan for gas supply
05 February 2007 , 12:510

Pakistani Sell Air Instead of Natural Gas

Pakistan's compressed gas filling stations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are selling substandard gas...
05 February 2007 , 11:420

India, Pakistan Still Dispute With Iran Over Gas Price

India and Pakistan still differ with Iran over what price they should pay for gas that would be delivered
26 January 2007 , 10:320

Pakistan Closes Power Plants

Four power plants have been closed in Pakistan
29 December 2006 , 09:160

Paki Pipeline Blown Up by Rebels

The damage has caused a shortfall of 110 mcdf of gas per day
08 August 2006 , 14:000

Pakistan: LNG Market Price Shouldn't Be Linked With Iran gas prices

Pakistan dislikes linking the Iran gas price with the spot LNG price
20 February 2006 , 11:440

Mutual Understanding of India and Pakistan

The two sides agreed that the Indian side would provide the Pakistan side drafts of the tripartite agreement
12 September 2005 , 12:390

India, Pakistan Discussing New Pipeline

A Pakistani delegation visited New Delhi on Monday to discuss the pipeline construction
12 July 2005 , 09:230

US Not Move Towards Sanctions: Rice

She added that that was really "amazing" that the US have managed to have very positive relations
20 June 2005 , 12:110

Iran, Pakistan To Build Gas Pipeline

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh would visit Pakistan to discuss the proposed gas pipeline project
14 June 2005 , 14:590

Pakistan, India To Cooperate

Pakistan has agreed to work with India for accessing vast oil and gas reserves
14 June 2005 , 11:310

Iran-India Pipeline Problems

The gas price will increase in India if the proposed Iran-India gas pipeline via Pakistan
16 December 2004 , 11:400

India's Beneficial Talks With Pakistan

India's oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar said that he is eager to continue negotiations
25 November 2004 , 11:090

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