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Oil Worker Freed in Somalia

Security forces have freed a foreign oil worker who was abducted Wednesday in the semi-autonomous Puntland region according to Somali officials
09 October 2008 , 08:56Jo Amey0

Pakistani sell energy assets to save economy from collapse

Rising rumours of an imminent financial default made Pakistani government lay out an emergency plan to dispose of its multibillion-US-dollar energy assets to raise money.
18 September 2008 , 11:16Ksenia Kochneva0

Pakistan, UN To Investigate Bhutto Murder

Pakistan and the United Nations have agreed in principle to set up a UN panel to investigate the killing of Pakistani ex-PM Benazir Bhutto.
11 July 2008 , 09:120

Pakistan Passes The Buck Of Oil Spike To Consumers

Pakistan is to pass the burden of rising prices onto consumers from July...
25 June 2008 , 12:110

Eni Found Gas Discovery in Pakistan

Eni and its partners are now evaluating the potential of the discovery
24 June 2008 , 13:450

IMF Wants Pakistan To Cut Oil Subsidies In Budget

Pakistan has to focus on decreasing its oil subsidies in the coming 2008-09 fiscal year to cut its fiscal...
07 June 2008 , 10:040

PITA Gas Pipeline Agreement

Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan signed a 7.6 billion dollars Gas Pipeline Framework Agreement Thursday for supplying 3.2 billion cubec feet of gas daily from Turkmenistan
25 April 2008 , 11:350

India Hikes Petroleum Prices

The government has also decided to increase issuance of oil bonds to partly compensate the companies for their losses
15 February 2008 , 10:490

Pakistan, India Both Keen on Constructing Multibillion Gas Pipeline

Pakistan and India are in talks about a gas pipeline project between
30 January 2008 , 10:450

The USA Watches Pakistan Elections

The US State Department said on Tuesday it expected Pakistan's upcoming general elections
30 January 2008 , 10:020

Pakistan, Iran, India Agreed Gas Price

The deal has removed the main obstacle to the signing of a three-way agreement on building the 2,300 km pipeline
17 July 2007 , 12:210

India, Paki and Iran to Sign Pipeline Construction Deal

India, Pakistan and Iran are expected to sign a deal by the end of July to build a $7bn gas pipeline
13 June 2007 , 13:020

Iran, India, Pakistan to Construct Pipeline Without USA Prevention

Iran, India and Pakistan are making progress in talks on a planned $7 billion gas pipeline
06 June 2007 , 11:450

Pakistan, Iran Speed Up Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline Project

Pakistani and Iranian oil ministers met Thursday in Riyadh on the sideline of an Asian energy conference
04 May 2007 , 09:300

Pakistan Gas Prices To Rise

Pakistan is set to remove a government cap on natural gas prices that has deterred potential investment
13 April 2007 , 09:440

Pakistani Oil Output Decreased

The total oil and gas production of Pakistan decreased by 4.8 percent
27 February 2007 , 12:030

Pakistan, India and Iran Close to Agree on Long-awaited Pipeline

Pakistan is close to signing a pricing formula with India and Iran on building a much-delayed $7 billion
19 February 2007 , 10:180

Iran Threatens India to Pay More for Gas

Iran has warned India that it will strike a bilateral deal with Pakistan for gas supply
05 February 2007 , 12:510

Pakistani Sell Air Instead of Natural Gas

Pakistan's compressed gas filling stations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are selling substandard gas...
05 February 2007 , 11:420

India, Pakistan Still Dispute With Iran Over Gas Price

India and Pakistan still differ with Iran over what price they should pay for gas that would be delivered
26 January 2007 , 10:320

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