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OPEC Overproduced Oil:IEA

OPEC nations increased their output by 635,000 bpd
14 July 2004 , 09:550

OPEC Output Reached 28.6 mln bpd

OPEC crude supply averaged 28.6 million barrels per day in June
13 July 2004 , 13:590

OPEC Takes Over the Control Of Iraq

OPEC president announced today that the cartel will apply its oil output quotas to Iraq
30 June 2004 , 09:160

Iraq Handover, OPEC Output Lift Cause Crude Oil Tumble

London: crude oil futures slipped to a nine- week low as Iraq takes control of its oil
30 June 2004 , 08:580

OPEC Request Fell On Deaf Ears

Announcing it would lift oil output, OPEC called on other major oil producers
17 June 2004 , 11:050

OPEC Is Ready to Another Oil Output Boost

OPEC announced it would lift oil output and ask other major oil producers...
17 June 2004 , 08:320

The United States May Relax

Saudi Arabian foreign affairs adviser: Americans did not need to tap its strategic crude oil reserve
04 June 2004 , 07:510

Wednesday Oil Prices Dropped Sharp

Crude oil prices dropped sharply on Wednesday
03 June 2004 , 08:320

Price Cooling Way: Extra 400,000 bpd By UAE

Today UAE Oil Minister Obaid al-Nasseri announced that the United Arab Emirates..
02 June 2004 , 10:150

OPEC Does Its Best

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE could lift oil production by 3 million bpd
01 June 2004 , 08:550

New Reason for New Prices Soar

Oil prices may soar again on Tuesday after long holiday weekend
01 June 2004 , 07:510

Venezuelan Ramirez Claims Authorization

Venezuelan oil minister Rafael Ramirez said he was sure that OPEC should..
31 May 2004 , 08:320

Don?t Believe Rumors: Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil Corp. CEO said that his company could not control the high price of gasoline
28 May 2004 , 07:000

Saudi Arabia Is Eager To Help

Saudi Arabia is likely to build additional oil production capacity...
27 May 2004 , 07:510

OIl Prices To Ease

Oil prices drop slightly on Tuesday
26 May 2004 , 08:110

Ramirez:It Is Time To Raise

Venezuela's Minister of Energy & Minesl proposes OPEC increase its preferred price range
26 May 2004 , 07:300

Oil Producers Are Believed To Do the Right Thing

On Sunday the Group of Seven top economic powers called on all oil-producing countries...
24 May 2004 , 08:550

U.S. Treasury Secretary Expresses His Opinion

U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow supported on Sunday the position of oil-producing nations
24 May 2004 , 08:160

Oil Prices: More Than $2.20 Below Last Week Peak

U.S. oil prices decreased almost 1 percent on Monday
24 May 2004 , 07:510

Oil Prices To Peak Again

Oil prices again climbed near record highs on Thursday
21 May 2004 , 07:510

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