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China, Iran Supported Russia On Nuclear Proposal

China and Iran expressed support on Thursday for a Russian proposal
27 January 2006 , 12:010

Saudi, China Oil Depot Project Delayed

Saudi Arabia and China oil depot project between in the southern province of Hainan has been suspended
20 January 2006 , 11:570

China's New Oil Reserves Increased

CNPC has also increased cooperation with foreign partners
18 January 2006 , 10:450

China, Russia Close In

Trade volume between China and Russia reached $29.1 billion in 2005, an on-year surge of 37.1 percent
13 January 2006 , 10:580

China, Japan Can't Come to Terms

China and Japan are going to continue argiung over gas and oil exploration of the East China Sea
12 January 2006 , 08:270

China To Increase Gold Reserves

China should increase its gold reserve from 600 tons to about 2,500 tons in a short term
28 December 2005 , 09:580

Non-G8 Largest Energy Producers Participate In Discussion

China, India and Brazil, the biggest oil consumers have to participate
27 December 2005 , 13:050

China In Energy Dialogue With OPEC

China and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries started an energy dialogue aimed at ensuring a steady supply
23 December 2005 , 15:020

China Not to Cut LNG Imports From Indonesia

"There is no change in either volume or price of the LNG.."
19 December 2005 , 13:370

Kazakhstan Launched Pipeline To China, Bypassing Russia

"We mark this event as the transition to a new stage in relations between Kazakhstan and China..."
16 December 2005 , 13:210

Petrochina To Buy Papua Natural Gas

An initial accord may be signed between the government and the Chinese company
06 December 2005 , 10:500

China Gas Distributor To Create Venture With Oman Oil

China Gas Holdings Ltd said it will set up a venture with Oman Oil Co
06 December 2005 , 09:220

Syria To Invest In Russia And China's Plants

Syria was likely to bring in $6 billion in private investment this year
05 December 2005 , 14:290

China Lacking LNG

China will have a hard time acquiring enough liquefied natural gas to feed its planned LNG terminals
05 December 2005 , 13:050

Russia To Launch Up Satellite To Monitor Chemical Spill

Monitor-E remote Earth-probing satellite, launched on August 26, may be employed for monitoring the situation
01 December 2005 , 12:530

Argentine's Energy Producers To Sell Assets To China

Argentine energy producer Bridas Corp. is selling oil and gas assets to China National Petroleum for $5 billion
30 November 2005 , 13:280

China Increases Oil Output, Attracts US Attention, Boosts Energy Supply

Energy survey shows there is a great potential for China to lift up its energy supply in the upcoming years
16 November 2005 , 12:160

CNOOC To Increase LNG Tanks Number

China National Offshore Oil Corp. said its Guangdong liquefied natural gas terminal has received government approval...
16 November 2005 , 11:240

China To Allow Energy Prices Rise

China plans to ease official controls on energy prices to allow them rising to market levels
16 November 2005 , 10:180

Chinese Scientists Developed Fuel Oil From Soy

A number of institutions in China have claimed successes in experimenting with producing the special diesel oil
15 November 2005 , 11:510

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