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Russian Metal Giant Acquired Chinese Plant

Russian aluminum giant Rusal had bought a Chinese plant
07 April 2006 , 13:040

Russia Increases Oil Exports to China

Russia's oil exports to China increased 22.2 percent to 2.26 million tons
07 April 2006 , 11:490

CNOOC Increased Its Profit 1.5

CNOOC Ltd said Friday its 2005 net profit rose 57 percent
27 March 2006 , 13:050

Iran Nuclear Policy: Russia, China Changed Their Minds

Beijing and Moscow are in accord on Iran's nuclear standoff with the West
24 March 2006 , 09:400

China's Oil Refining To Increase

The program was approved by the State Council in December 2005
23 March 2006 , 11:280

Russia, China Hamper UN Decision on Iran

Both Russia and China are wary of action by the Security Council
22 March 2006 , 10:360

Russia To Supply Large Quantity of Gas to China

The agreement came as part of a raft of economic deals signed between the two sides
22 March 2006 , 09:380

China, Russia Reach Goals Jointly

China and Russia have established a sound foundation for trade and economic cooperation
20 March 2006 , 13:010

China Steps Up Gold Output

China's annual gold output was currently increasing
20 March 2006 , 09:580

Chinese Oil Price Reform Lingers On

China again has delayed the issuing of oil pricing reform document
17 March 2006 , 09:230

Canadian Husky To Drill In South China Sea

According to contract between Husky and CNOOC, the exploration will be divided into three phases
15 March 2006 , 10:470

Chian To Launch 2nd Fase of Strategic Oil Pipeline Building

China has initiated the first phase of strategic oil reserve construction in 2003
15 March 2006 , 10:400

China To Build Third Powerhouse

China plans to build a third domestic economic powerhouse in its coastal areas
14 March 2006 , 10:110

CNPC To End Construction Two Pipelines for Two Billion

China National Petroleum Corp. will complete two major oil pipelines
10 March 2006 , 12:560

Sino-Australian JV To Develop the Biggest Gold Mine in September

The mine is capable of handling 1.2 million tons of gold ores a year
07 March 2006 , 13:130

Sinopec Offers Its Subsidiaries

Sinopec is about to embark on its privatization
07 March 2006 , 12:200

China To Introduce Tax On Fuel

The Chinese government is still studying plans for a fuel tax
06 March 2006 , 10:100

China Finishes Two Pipeline Consctruction

China's pipeline projects transmitting crude oil and oil products across the western regions will be in operation this year
01 March 2006 , 13:060

TNK-BP Unit To Be Acquired By China or India

Udmurtneft produces 120,000 barrels per day and has reserves equivalent to around 1 billion barrels
01 March 2006 , 11:020

Russia, China Ask Iran Accept Compromise

Russia and China stepped up their efforts on Friday to persuade
27 February 2006 , 09:040

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