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Argentine's Energy Producers To Sell Assets To China

Argentine energy producer Bridas Corp. is selling oil and gas assets to China National Petroleum for $5 billion
30 November 2005 , 13:280

China Increases Oil Output, Attracts US Attention, Boosts Energy Supply

Energy survey shows there is a great potential for China to lift up its energy supply in the upcoming years
16 November 2005 , 12:160

CNOOC To Increase LNG Tanks Number

China National Offshore Oil Corp. said its Guangdong liquefied natural gas terminal has received government approval...
16 November 2005 , 11:240

China To Allow Energy Prices Rise

China plans to ease official controls on energy prices to allow them rising to market levels
16 November 2005 , 10:180

Chinese Scientists Developed Fuel Oil From Soy

A number of institutions in China have claimed successes in experimenting with producing the special diesel oil
15 November 2005 , 11:510

China Giant Refiner Privatized Zhenhai Refinery

China's largest oil refinery Sinopec announced Monday
15 November 2005 , 11:010

China Crude Oil Import Rose 4.2%

China's crude oil import is estimated to reach 130 million tons in 2005
11 November 2005 , 13:030

Chinese-Russian Pipeline Construction Goes Ahead

The construction of a cross-border crude oil pipeline will go ahead
08 November 2005 , 12:530

New Chinese Refinery To Start production

The project is expected to produce 7 million tons of oil and chemical products
07 November 2005 , 14:260

China Offshore Major Showed Rise

China's largest offshore oil producer, CNOOC Ltd..
02 November 2005 , 14:580

Sinopec States Profit Decline is worse than expected result, as its refining losses deepened
31 October 2005 , 11:290

China Top Offshore Oil Firm To Reduce Government's Stake

Fu Chengyu said it was very likely that it could ask the government to reduce its stake
28 October 2005 , 14:510

China Afraid of Fuel Demand Crisis

Chinese fuel oil demand in 2006 may not recover...
24 October 2005 , 09:040

Petrokazakhstan May Lose China Offer

Canadian oil firm Petrokazakhstan may not admit the offer from China National Petroleum Corp...
20 October 2005 , 09:010

China Not Affected By High Oil Prices

China feels itself rather comfortable with rising oil prices, China's Finance Minister said
18 October 2005 , 09:170

USA, China In Trade Talks

The USA is in talks with China on renewal of its call that China revalues the yuan
17 October 2005 , 09:180

Kenya Chose China

We have decided to negotiate with China because European firms delay and make very many demands..
14 October 2005 , 09:360

Low oil prices to continue

China is not about to significantly hike its low oil prices
27 September 2005 , 19:420

Gazprom To Construct 2 Pipelines To China

Gazprom said it is in talks with China's largest oil and gas producer to export gas to China
22 September 2005 , 13:030

China Established New Oil Company

With demand for crude oil soaring as China's economy roars ahead at a growth rate of more than 9 percent annually...
19 September 2005 , 11:480

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