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China National Petroleum Corp Raised Oil Reserves

China National Petroleum Corp, the parent of Hong Kong-listed PetroChina Co Ltd
07 September 2006 , 10:540

CNOOC Raised Profit by 38%

CNOOC said Tuesday its first-half net profit rose 37.6%
31 August 2006 , 13:330

Venezuela Wants to Become Steady and Stable China's Oil Provider

China will invest around $5 billion in energy projects in Venezuela by 2012
29 August 2006 , 10:160

China Cut Oil to North Korea

China has reduced "a significant amount" of its oil supplies
28 August 2006 , 11:030

Venezuela Welcomes China to Build Drilling Rigs

Chavez is also set to finalize a deal with Beijing for the construction of 24 drilling rigs in Venezuela
24 August 2006 , 13:180

China Opens Oil Reserve Centre

After nearly six months of test operations, the National Oil Reserve Centre has finished its appraisal
23 August 2006 , 11:070

11 Global Gas Majors in Race for Vast Gas Resources in UAE

Abu Dhabi has 213 trillion cubic feet of mostly sour gas reserves both onshore and offshore
21 August 2006 , 09:360

Nigeria Welcomes China to Operate

Nigeria wants Chinese oil companies operating in its Delta region
17 August 2006 , 13:040

China, India Invest in Oil Exploring Firm In Colombia

Chinese and Indian state oil firms have teamed up to invest US$800 million...
17 August 2006 , 12:550

CNOOC, Canadian Sub in China to Jointly Explore Deepwater Offshore China

China National Offshore Oil Corporation has signed an agreement with Canada's Husky Oil Limited
11 August 2006 , 10:070

China's Had its Own Strategic Oil Reserve

The oil reserve base in Zhenhai has 52 storage tanks
10 August 2006 , 11:570

China to Buy LNG from Malaysia

The Chinese government is considering ratification of a 25-year agreement on buying liquefied natural gas
27 July 2006 , 13:050

China Creates National Petroleum Reserve Center

The country is expected to increase the oil reserves of 12 million tons...
21 July 2006 , 15:080

Venezuela Increases Oil Export to China

Venezuela will increase petroleum exportation to China by 300,000 barrels daily
13 July 2006 , 14:320

Kazakhstan Bought Back its 33% Stake From China's CNPC

Kazakhstan's national oil company bought from China's largest oil company a 33 percent share
07 July 2006 , 12:110

Sinopec to Secure Up Large Gas Finds

The new gas finds will be located south of China's biggest oilfield Daqing
06 July 2006 , 13:550

Two Chinese oil Giants Build 6 Refineries

Ethylene is a product obtained from petroleum and natural gas
27 June 2006 , 13:330

China Gas Bought Gas Operator

Chinese mainland piped-gas operator China Gas Holdings Limited
05 June 2006 , 11:070

China: Our Relations with Russia Reached Heights

Relations between giant neighbors China and Russia have reached an unprecedented high
31 May 2006 , 09:360

Chinese Gasoline Prices Rose

"Higher prices on oil products will encourage efficiency"
25 May 2006 , 13:340

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