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No Kuwaiti Crude Oil Bases Abroad

Abdullatif Al-Houti, Managing Director of International Marketing at state-run Kuwait Petroleum Corporation denied speculation that Kuwait has plans to set up strategic oil reserves in China, Vietnam or elsewhere in Asia
21 October 2008 , 13:44Ksenia Kochneva0

Oil Prices Eased amid Economic Slowdown

Oil prices dropped below $114 a barrel Friday in Asia on slowing economic growth speculations
15 August 2008 , 10:170

Asian Stock Rallied On Stronger Dollar, Stable Interest Rates

Asian shares rallied on Wednesday on unchanged US Federal Reserve interest rates
06 August 2008 , 09:490

Asia Protects Its Energy Giants

Asian governments on Thursday moved to cut energy subsidies to protect their finances and those of state-owned energy companies in the face of soaring oil prices
27 May 2008 , 09:330

Cruel Oil: Steady Awhile

Oil prices have steadied in Asian trading after climbing in the previous session to a record near $US120 a barrel
23 April 2008 , 08:090

OPEC Notified Of Capacity Shortage

Yesterday IMF warned oil ministers that their expansion in capacity was failing to keep up with surging demand, leading to instability in the market
22 April 2008 , 12:330

Oil Search Develops Liquefied Natural Gas Project

Gaining $US200 million from selling a package of its Middle Eastern assets allowed Oil Search Ltd to focus on the development of a Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas project
15 April 2008 , 08:370

Gold Slows Down As Cash Invstmt Gathers Pace

As falling equities incited investors to gain cash by selling precious metals gold declined in Asia for a third day
14 April 2008 , 11:510

Asia Growth To Decline: IMF Report

Domestic demand is seen as holding up reasonably well in most emerging Asian economies
14 April 2008 , 10:140

China closes two multibillion LNG contracts with Qatar

On Thursday China signed two important multibillion, dollar long-term contracts to supply liquefied natural gas from Qatar, marking a milestone in Asia's evolution as the hottest market for the fuel
11 April 2008 , 13:220

Asian Stocks Hit Their Highest After Oil & Gold Retrace

Asian stocks hit to their highest in a month on Thursday as a retrace in gold and oil lifted resource shares, while an incredibly optimistic indicator for US jobs elevated hopes of a weaker US economy recession than initially expected
03 April 2008 , 12:030

Uzbekistan Increase Gas Price For Asian Neigbors and Russia

Uzbekistan also asked Moscow to pay more
17 January 2008 , 12:180

Thailand Completes Biggest Oil Platform Construction

Southeast Asia's biggest offshore oil platform
17 October 2007 , 11:270

Saudis Cut Oil Exports to China, Japan, South korea

Saudi Arabia cuts crude oil exports to its three largest Asian customers
06 February 2007 , 12:200

Nippon Oil to Cooperate Alliance With Korean Refining Giant

Nippon Oil Corp. has agreed to form a business and capital alliance with South Korea's largest oil refiner
24 January 2007 , 10:040

Russia Wants to Increase Oil&Gas Exports to Asia-Pacific

Khristenko predicted that Asian countries would consume more and more energy in the foreseeable future
22 February 2006 , 11:370

Sky-rocketing Oil Prices Harm Asian Economies

Asian oil importing countries began worrying about growing unemployment and inflation
11 May 2004 , 09:360

China Gets Creative in Resource Conservation

The toilets of China's famous brewery city Qingdao will be...
17 February 2004 , 09:370

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