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TATNEFT launched 3D printing of reusable masks for doctors

TATNEFT launched 3D printing of reusable masks for doctors

Kazan, May 18 - Neftegaz.RU. TATNEFT together with ZENIT Bank has organized 3D printing of reusable protective screens and respirators to ensure the safety of medical workers. The batch of reusable screens has already been donated by the company to medical institutions in the region.

Initially, the startup has been implemented by Aybulat Khairullin, KNITU-KAI student, in Kazan at the university’s own domestic facilities, whom TATNEFT supported by purchasing additional equipment and supplies for the production of personal protective equipment necessary for medical personnel. Today, there are protective screens for republican medical institutions printed at the facility.

In view of organizing the company’s own production in Almetyevsk, TATNEFT has attracted local 3D-makers, acquired 35 3D-printers, as well as components and consumables required for their operation. The safety screens and respirators are printed on the basis of the Quantorium House of Entertaining Science and Technology.

The one set production time varies from 2.5 to 4 hours. The operation safety of the protective equipment application is ensured by the structure tightness, while the 3D-printing allows the masks’ manufacturing taking into account the individual features of each medical worker. Such masks can be reusable after subjecting them to timely disinfection.

The planned output volume of the 1st production stage amounts to 1000 sets. The protective equipment sets have been praised by practitioners who express their interest in the products and recognize their usefulness and relevance. Moreover, the doctors are ready to use this type of PPE (protective equipment) even after the COVID situation is over.

Renat Mamin, Director of the TATNEFT Charity Fund: "TATNEFT provides comprehensive support to medical professional. This support includes the boxes that are manufactured at our enterprises, as well as protective suits, and masks. When it was found out at our company that a group of students in Kazan had independently started 3D-printing of protective screens and handing them over to the doctors, it was decided to help the guys with equipment, materials, and the space grounds for manufacturing."