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Computer Sciences Corp plans major expansion in India

US computer and data services company Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) said it plans...

US computer and data services company Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) said it plans to build two new development centres as part

of a major expansion programme in India.

The announcement follows on from Policy Management Systems India (PMS India)

becoming a 100 pct-owned subsidiary of CSC following a global merger.

"PMS India has been a niche player in the insurance software industry. The

merger will help us to grow at a good clip of 50 to 60 pct in India," said Arun

K. Maheshwari, managing director of CSC India.

"We also expect to grow from the current 350 employees to about 1,000

software professionals in the next two years."

CSC India is building a 43,000 square foot offshore development centre in

Noida in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and this will employ at least 400

software engineers by 2002, he said.

"Our strategy will be to grow in multiple locations across the country by

setting up offshore development centres, each with a 400 people capacity."

CSC India, which is headquartered in the central Indian city of Indore in

Madhya Pradesh plans to open another development facility in south India.

"We also looked at the possibility of making some acquisitions to grow fast.

It is difficult to find the right people. When you acquire a company you

sometimes find just the right kind of talent and managers," said Maheshwari.

The chief executive, however, refused to divulge how much money the company

was investing in its Indian operations.

"We have enough money for setting up our software development facilities and

investing in people. I would not like to put a figure to it. But we have

commitments from our parent company to start new projects in India."

The new projects are likely to focus on developing software and managing

data services for healthcare, banking, and chemical industries.

"Our fixed costs are low but we do spend a lot of money on research and

development. For instance last year the company invested over 150 mln usd just

to develop one product for a single industry," said Maheshwari.