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Mosaddeq's domicile in Tehran listed as national monument

Mohammad Mosaddeq's domicile dating back to Qajar era located ...

Mohammad Mosaddeq's domicile dating back to Qajar era located at number 2943, Ahmadabad village in the suburb of
Savojbolagh, west of Tehran was registered as a national monument of
Iran by Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO).
The house is a simple building constructed in Qajar period,
characterized by use of brick, slight decoration, verandas, rectangle
columns, simple rooms, wooden doors and windows, as well as sloped
roofs in two stories.
Mosaddeq holding a Ph.D in law from a Swiss university, was
invited by Moshir ad-Doleh cabinet to fill in the position of the
minister of law. He was later appointed as foreign minister and
represented Tehran in the parliament under the fifth phase of
legislation, whereupon he opposed the assignment of monarchy to Sardar
Sepah (Reza Khan), stayed away from politics for a while, and returned
Following the political events of September 1941, he was once more
elected a member of the legislature from Tehran. In this capacity, he
struggled to restore the rights of Iranian people with respect to the
Irano-British Oil Company (IBOC).
He succeeded in sponsoring the nationalization of IBOC while
acting as Iran's prime minister under the reign of Mohammad Reza
Pahlavi, while in the next term of Parliament he was replaced by
Qavam-ol-Saltaneh due to his disaccord with the Shah.
However, simultaneous with the national uprising of July 21, 1952
he was reappointed as Iran's prime minister, but as a result of the
coup d'etat arranged jointly by the court officials and the United
State's Central Intelligence Agency he was arrested and convicted to
three years of imprisonment.
Having served his term, Mosadeq was only released to spend the
remaining days of his life under house arrest at his domicile in
Ahmadabad, where he died in 1966. He was buried in his property, and
his mausoleum is visited by many people all year round.