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IHRDC Hosts Boston Series on Gas Business Management

International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) has announced ...

International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) has announced a second offering of its Eighth Annual International Gas Business Management Program. A two-week series of lectures and workshops will take place in Boston from October 1-12, 2001, followed by a 5-day tour of gas industry sites in the Houston area from October 15-19.

The lecture and workshop series will be led by IHRDC President Dr. David A.T. Donohue. As the owner of gas storage facilities in upstate New York, he notes, ``We've gained plenty of practical experience in this business, but we'll also be calling on other experts to focus on key aspects of the industry -- ranging from exploration and field development to opening key gas markets.'' Special lectures will cover LPG, gas distribution, power generation, petrochemicals, gas-to-liquid conversion and LNG projects. Simulator-based workshops will guide participants through the development and management of a gas business over a 20-year project life. ``Our lectures expose participants to the technology, economics, and market forces that drive the industry -- and our workshops sharpen their management skills,'' Donohue said.

As a follow-up to the lectures and workshops, IHRDC will lead guided tours to Houston area operators, facilities, consulting organizations, service companies, manufacturers, and engineering firms. Participants will visit state-of-the-art facilities while learning about new technology and meeting with individuals who influence industry developments. These visits provide a balanced exposure to both upstream and downstream technologies. Pre-visit research and post-visit discussions serve to maximize the value of each visit.

This series is directed toward professionals who seek to broaden or renew their working knowledge of gas industry technology and ``best practices''. Attendees from around the world will bring backgrounds ranging from exploration and production to downstream operations; from portfolio management to power generation; petrochemicals to finance and marketing. This program thus offers unique opportunities to interact and network with experts from a variety of disciplines.

IHRDC is a fully integrated training, publishing and consulting organization serving the worldwide petroleum, natural gas and power industries. Founded in Boston in 1969, IHRDC provides advanced technical and management development programs, web-based training products, business workshops, and consulting services. IHRDC also has offices in Amsterdam and Cairo.