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Ready to fly...

Known singer Melanie Thornton was lost as a result of accident of plane RJ-100 Avro of airline Crossair in several kilometers from the airport of Zurich.

The representative of the Swiss police Karl Steiner has confirmed, that name Tornton is in the list of the passengers who were onboard. The 34-years singer, born in the USA, has started her career in Germany, " having only 15 dollars in a pocket ", informs Reuters. For a long time she was leading singerof the known pop group La Bouche, and has decided to do independent career since 2000.She flied to Switzerland to present the new album " Ready to Fly ". The four-motor plane "Jumbolino", designed for 97 places, was flying (LX3597) Berlin - Zurich on Saturday. There were 27 passengers and 5 members of crew on board. The plane has fallen in suburb of Zurich in several kilometers from the airport.