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CPC oil pipeline discussions

Opening of CPC "is beginning of countdown for annihilation of Black Sea cost from Novorossiysk to Anapa, ecologists of the northern Caucasus think.

The ecologists estimated the opening of CPC oil pipeline as "beginning of countdown for annihilation of a unique from re-creational and natural points of view Black Sea cost from Novorossiysk to Anapa. CNA was informed in the ecological service for Northern Caucasus that ecologists has already named the CPC "bomb of delayed action".
Independent ecologists report that for today the Black Sea cost between Novorossyisk and Anapa is the cleanest part of the Russian cost. They are sure that even during "normal" exploitation of CPC the sea and cost will be seriously polluted. The aftermath of possible sea accident may be "disastrous", and as a result Russia will loose more than it gains.
Meanwhile, ecologists stress that even the solemn opening of the CPC was accompanied by incidents. Thus, during the ceremony a tanker failed to make fast to the offshore mooring facility.
Tanker with tonnage at 150,000 tons has been trying several times to approach the mooring facility in the South Ozerevka village, where CPC oil terminal is located. Some of observers think that such not-regular situation can be repeated in the future.