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Employees, be careful! Sexual discrimination is expensive!

Julie Bower, a 35-year-old analyst, got a record compensation for moral damage and sexual discrimination at the rate of 1.5 million pounds

Not sexual harassment, but sexual discrimination is meant here. Millions of Russian women know the treatment: ?I am a man and consequently clever, you are a woman and your lot is to bear children and cook meals.? Julia Bower, a graduate from the University of Oxford and business-school of London, was employed by Schroder Securities. Since the very first day of her employment she had to resist male managers who hampered her career rise. And the men succeeded in it: Julie Bower left her prestigious work with the annual earnings at the rate of 120 000 pounds. Cases of discrimination were published and proved in court: for a work that made a great profit to the company Julie?s male colleagues got premiums at the rate of 440 000 and 650 000 pounds. And Julie got only 25 000 pounds. The projects she developed have never been realised. In fact, the male colleagues caused financial harm to the company neglecting her projects. Julie?s stresses and struggle against the woman-haters caused cancer. And, having no money, the ill woman started a struggle for her human rights. So, yesterday the London court passed a verdict: Schroder Securities will pay 1.412.823 pounds as a compensation to Julie Bower. The company will also pay all spending and court taxes as a loser. So we may say that the oppressors are to be felt for now: the company will not remit such losses. Similar suits are extremely popular in the West; but the number of victories is insignificant as it is always difficult to prove the fact of a sexual harassment.