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Russia eases ban on UK meat, ends French beef ban

Russia has eased restrictions on imports of British meat

Russia has eased restrictions on imports of British meat and dairy products and lifted a ban on imports of boneless beef from France, the farm ministry said. The ministry had partially lifted the ban imposed in February 2001 on meat imports from Britain over fears of foot-and-mouth disease, it said in a statement late on Monday. Russia banned cattle and meat imports from the European Union last February, as foot-and-mouth devastated Britain's livestock industry and the virus crossed into mainland Europe. It has gradually eased its restrictions since then. "The ban on imports of meat and dairy products subjected to thermal treatment, poultry and horse meat, and salted animal intestines from Great Britain to the Russian Federation has been lifted," the ministry statement said. "Simultaneously, a total ban on the above mentioned items produced between February 22 and September 30 2001 is maintained," it said.