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Castration as Anti-Terror Step?!

Israeli-Russian journalist calls for castration as anti-terror step

An article calling for the castration of Israeli Arabs as a means of fighting terrorism was published last week in the leading Israeli-Russian daily Novosti. The article, called "How To Force Them To Leave" and written by Marian Belenki, one of the paper's prominent journalists, said that the threat of castration may be strong enough to encourage the Arabs to leave the country. The author also proposed that the Chinese method for lowering birth rates be implemented in Israel for the Arab population in order to lower their birth rates. According to this method, people who have more than one child are deprived of various benefits, lose their jobs, and are under threat of exile. Cash prizes for young men who voluntarily agree to the castration will also be provided, according to the proposed method. The paper's editor, Leonid Petorkovsky, said the publication of the article was a grave mistake, explaining that the editors overlooked the contents of the article and checked only grammar and spelling. He added that after the publication of the article, the paper published a condemnation of the piece, and suspended the editor responsible for three months. However, what is even more surprising than the fact that the piece got published, is that the paper did not receive any responses from readers or public representatives of the Russian community. It should be noted that the paper is one of two leading dailies of the Russian community in Israel.