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Hitchhiker 'murdered over petrol money'

A DRIVER has been accused of murdering a hitchhiker

A DRIVER has been accused of murdering a hitchhiker because he refused to help pay for the petrol. Ken 'Bimbo' Tillery was visiting a Jasper trailer park on Friday night, when he began asking around in search of a ride home.Blake Little, 34, gave Tillery a lift home in his pick-up truck after agreeing on a price of £3.50 for petrol.But Texas sheriff Tom Maddox said the price went up during the trip, first to £17 and then £35 by the time they reached Pineland, about 130 miles from Houston.Tillery and the four men went to Tillery's house and then were on their way to fill up in Pineland when they stopped along the side of FM 2426 to use the bathroom, Maddox said.Tillery then decided to flee, apparently without paying for the ride.Some of the men chased Tillery on foot, while others were in the car.Though the details remain unclear, Tillery was apparently held captive before he died.
"The evidence at the scene did not look like an auto-pedestrian accident," said Maddox, who noted that there were no skid marks.The victim's father Richard Tillery said yesterday he does not believe that his son's death was racially motivated."Personally, I just think it was a case of him not having any money or drugs," the senior Tillery said.Little, 34, of Jasper, was arrested on murder charges. Investigators believe both drugs and alcohol were involved.