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Pope Goes to Baku

Pope John Paul II to visit Baku in May 2002

The Pope John Paul II will visit Baku in May 2002, press service of Azeri Foreign Ministry informed CNA. The visit of head of Catholic Church will take place in May, when diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Vatican are to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Exact terms of the visit are still unknown. The Pope is going to meet with Azeri President Heidar Aliyev and head of Spiritual Moslems Managing of Caucasus sheikh ul-islam Allahshukur Pashazade. Cooperation between religious institutions, terrorism-fighting and terrorism condemnation by all religions, including Islam, ways of settling Armenia-Azeri conflict will be discussed during both meetings. According to State Committee for refugees and forced settlers, the visit program isn't ready yet, and it's still unknown whether the Pontific to visit Azeri refugees'; location areas.

Author: Neftegaz.RU