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The Polly Top Five Campus Outrages 2002

Death Threats at Berkeley! Hooded left-wing thugs at Tufts! School Credit for Orgies and Strip Clubs at Berkeley! School-funded `Sex Toy' Demonstrations at Pitt!
A host of absurd, bizarre, and outrageous escapades on America's campuses this academic year demonstrate that political correctness is alive and well. The most outrageous incidents earned ``Polly Awards'' as a part of the Collegiate Network's Fifth Annual Campus Outrage competition.

``Pollys'' are given each year on April Fool's Day to highlight the noxious tendencies of radical faculty and students at the nation's colleges. The 2002 winners are:

1st place: At the University of California at Berkeley, student radicals broke into a Berkeley student office, stole the entire $2,000 press run of the conservative newspaper The California Patriot, and then threatened the editors with death when they filed a police report. Students believe the crime was committed by members of MEChA, a Mexican liberation group at Berkeley.

2nd place: At Tufts University, hooded leftists assaulted a conservative student. The university let the attackers off with only a warning.

3rd place (tie): At San Diego State and at the University of North Carolina, campus administrators blamed campus patriots and America for the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

4th place: A male sexuality course at University of California, Berkeley was suspended after allegations that students in the class participated in an orgy at a class party and visited a strip club, where they watched an instructor have sex onstage.

5th place: And at the University of Pittsburgh, administrators sponsored a gay sex toy fair, funded with student fees.

In its first half-decade of existence, the eagerly anticipated Pollys have become the Holy Grail for those seeking recognition for absurdly outrageous behavior. No less than The Washington Post has referred to The ``Polly'' as ``the coveted Campus Outrage Award for loony political correctness.''

The Collegiate Network (CN), a program administered by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, provides support for alternative student publications across the country. There are over seventy member papers in the Network, each of which is a strong champion of Western civilization, the free market, and limited government.