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Georgia to call back its troops from Kodori

Georgian and Abkhazian sides agreed

Georgian and Abkhazian sides agreed on the troops removal operation from Kodori.
Georgian Defense Ministry is obliged to recall its divisions from upper Kodori till April 10, 2002.
Abkhazian side will take back military forces, and also the army from lower Kodori and Tkvarcheli district of breakaway Abkhazia.
UN special envoy to Georgia Dieter Boden, commander of Russian peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone Aleksandr Evteev, Georgian Special Affairs Minister Malkhaz Kakabadze and Deputy Defense Minister of unrecognized Abkhazian Republic Givi Agrba signed a protocol.
The implementation of the protocol provisions will be supervised by the UN mission in Georgia and Russia. Georgian Defense Ministry dispatched approximately 350 soldiers to Kodori gorge, the only part of breakaway Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government, last October when the armed clashes between Georgian-Chechen guerrillas and Abkhazian fighters occurred, Civil Georgia says.