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Enron Astounded Again

New scandal with collapsed Enron Corp. - its workers post pornographic e-mails at a web site linked to the government agency

New scandal with collapsed Enron Corp. ? Thursday a lawmaker asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to remove vulgar e-mails written by Enron employees from a web site linked to the government agency.

Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash, said, ?It shows how amateur and ineffective FERC is in pursuing the case against Enron. How serious are they about the investigation if FERC doesn't even know that their web site has pornographic e-mails?"

A FERC spokesman Kevin Cadden said the agency knew about the e-mails but denied they were on the commission's web site.
The e-mails include sexually explicit jokes that compare women to barn animals and other vulgar language.

Access to the e-mails is indirect and includes clear instructions that a user must leave the FERC site to view the material, Cadden said.

Cadden said the commission reviewed all documents related the Enron investigation, and will take Cantwell's request to remove offensive e-mails under advisement.

Earlier this week, Cantwell released audio tapes and other Enron documents showing schemes dubbed with slang names, some of which had vulgar sexual meanings -- to gouge Western rate payers by shifting electricity loads and creating congestion, therefore raising prices.