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Conoco To Gorger 30 000 People With Caramel

It's the 52-year tradition of the corporation

US oil and gas firm ConocoPhillips will mould a pumpkin-shaped 3 million gallon storage tank at its Wilmington refinery into Smilin' Jack. The company expects at least 30,000 visitors. It?s the 52-year tradition of the corporation. Since that time, visiting the great pumpkin has remained a popular Halloween event in Los Angeles' South Bay area.

ConocoPhillips extends an invitation to the community to see Smilin' Jack and enjoy some of his delicious caramel corn on the nights of October 29 through October 31, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Preparing Smilin' Jack for his annual appearance requires more than 100 gallons of orange, black and white paint. According to refinery engineers, if the giant jack-o-lantern were filled with pumpkin meat, there would be enough to make 26,800,000 pumpkin pies!