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Australian Gas Light plans Victorian gas-fired power plant

Sydney-based energy utility Australian Gas Light Wednesday announced...

Sydney, 28Feb2001

Sydney-based energy utility Australian Gas Light Wednesday announced plans to build a new gas-fired power plant at Somerton in the Victorian capital of Melbourne. There are still some outstanding issues and permits to be resolved, but the company hopes to complete the 150MW plant by the end of 2001. Victoria's electricity consumption grew by over 9% in January 2001 compared with January 2000 and AGL said the new plant would help avoid blackouts during the peak summer demand periods. The plant will comprise four gas turbines and will use gas sourced from the Esso/BHP-owned Bass Strait fields off Victoria. AGL did not disclose the capital investment required for the project. A spokesman said it would run to tens of millions of dollars, but not exceed A$50-mil ($26-mil).

Source : Neftegaz.RU