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Overhaul at the TANECO oil refinery has been completed

Overhaul at the TANECO oil refinery has been completed

Nizhnekamsk, July 9 - Neftegaz.RU. The overhaul of the refinery process units of the TANECO Complex was completed with high quality and four days ahead of the schedule.

During the overhaul, about 20 types of works aimed at increasing the reliability and efficiency of the operation of viscosity breaking and vacuum distillation of sulfur crude oils were performed. In particular, engineering certification has been carried out for 21 pipelines and 43 apparatuses, while 190 units of shut-off valves, 266 instruments, as well as pump-and-compressor equipment have been inspected.

Hydromechanical and hydrojet cleaning of 7.98 km of pipe-still heaters helicoils and transfer lines has been completed. The packing of vacuum distillation units has been replaced at the vacuum distillation installation of sulfur crude oils.

Conducting checklists proved their effectiveness and expedited work at the preparation stage, where the needs for human and technical resources were identified and activity-based networks were drawn up.

Currently, the repaired units have been brought back to the regular operating schedule.

The viscosity breaking unit is designed for the refinery of heavy residues, acid tars with the receipt of technological export fuel having reduced values of viscosity and pour point, or stable cracking residue. The stable cracking residue is the raw material for the viscous breaking cracking residue vacuum processing unit. The design capacity is 2.4 million tons/year.

The vacuum distillation unit for sulfur crude oils is designed to produce light and heavy vacuum gasoil, which are used as raw materials in hydroprocessing units for diesel oil cut and heavy coking gas oil. The design capacity is 2 million tons/year.