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Turkmen subsoil prospectors searching for promising areas in the Lebap region

Turkmen subsoil prospectors searching for promising areas in the Lebap region

Ashgabat, July 31 - Neftegaz.RU. Turkmenistan´s specialists of the Lebap expedition of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology" confidently determine the directions of geological exploration in the promising areas of the region. Over the six months of this year, the volume of geophysical surveys and work on wells has grown significantly.

Currently, large-scale exploration work has begun in areas where oil and gas resources are believed to exist. The main goal of the work is to study the geological structure of formations, identify hydrocarbon resources and, based on the results obtained, prepare for deep drilling.

The expedition consists of two parties. The activity of the seismic party "Golden Age of Turkmen 3D" was deployed on the territory of the Malay gas field, and the 61st 2D geophysical crew is carrying out prospecting work on the Topazguyi area.

The effective use of seismic equipment, as well as research carried out by highly qualified specialists to obtain complete and accurate information about the structure and properties of reservoirs in the Topazguyi area, will allow to complete the first stage of exploration work by November 2020 and proceed to the next one.

More than a 100 experienced employees work in this direction. Mobile seismic installations and other units are involved in the work to identify new promising areas. The data obtained on the basis of research works of the Topazguyi area, as well as its location on the adjacent territory of the Naip and North Gazodzhak gas fields, are a solid basis for its prospects.