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Gazprom Neft produces its 100-millionth barrel of oil at the Badra field

Gazprom Neft produces its 100-millionth barrel of oil at the Badra field

Baghdad, August 16 - Neftegaz.RU. Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gazpromneft-Badra has now produced 13.5 million tonnes - or 100 million barrels - of oil.

Cumulative production at the Badra field in the 5 years since this asset went into commercial operation has reached 100 million barrels - the 1st shipment of liquid hydrocarbons having taken place in 2014. Oil production at the field stands at more than 1.8 million tonnes (13.5 million barrels) since the start of 2019.

22 operating wells, each running to an average depth of 4 500 m, have been drilled by Gazpromneft-Badra since discovering this asset. The business has also built a production complex which has since become one of the main - and one of the most modern - elements in Central Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure.

A full production complex, incl. an integrated oil and gas processing facility, with capacity to handle 5.4 million tonnes of oil and 1.6 billion cu m of gas per year, and sulphur granulation and production units, has been commissioned at the Badra field.

Field infrastructure includes a 123.5 MW independent gas-turbine power plant (GTPP), producing energy for all field equipment as well as more than 25 000 residents in the city of Badra and its suburbs.

The Badra field is one of the most important elements in Iraq’s energy system. Dry commercial gas produced by Gazprom Neft is transported through a 100 km pipeline to the Az-Zubaidiya electricity station, from where it is used to supply energy to several Iraqi provinces, including Baghdad.

Sergei Karavaev, Executive Director, Gazpromneft-Badra, commented: “The 100-millionth barrel of oil produced at the Badra field is a major landmark in this asset’s development. The gas plant we have built here is unique worldwide - not only is it a major industrial complex, but it also forms an important part of the country’s energy system. This cutting-edge industrial infrastructure reflects the plant’s technological leadership and is the key to its effective development in the future.”