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WANO experts score a high level of safety and reliability of Smolensk NPP

WANO experts score a high level of safety and reliability of Smolensk NPP

Smolensk, September 25 - Neftegaz.RU. The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) completed the follow-un peer review at Smolensk NPP. It was part of the plan of the cooperation with Rosenergoatom.

5 experts from Russia, Ukraine and Armenia independently assessed progress achieved by the plant in the areas of improvement marked by the 2017 peer review.

“I noted the great interest of the Smolensk NPP personnel in WANO programs,” Maksim Dyrovatiy, Head of Expert Team, said. "We has worked as a team and achieved understanding on all discussed issues, we could observe all works necessary to obtain high quality results,” he said.

The experts collected 55 facts that confirm the improving of Smolensk NPP performance by observing work conduct, interviewing managers and personnel and analyzing documentation.

3 areas were marked “A” that means the stable improvement progress. 6 areas have achievements at level “B” that shows apparent improvements and planned implementations continue, as well as no revision of the measure plan is required. The experts noted that systemic work has been well set up in all areas.

“The peer review conducted by independent international experts is always useful because it shows the areas for improvement, insurance of reliable and safe operation on the nuclear power plant,” Smolensk NPP Director Pavel Lubensky noted.