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ROSATOM launches production of new generation composite materials

ROSATOM commissioned December 20, 2016, a shop for production of new generation composite materials.

ROSATOM launches production of new generation composite materials

ROSATOM reported on December 21, 2016, that the company commissioned December 20 a shop for production of new generation composite materials.


The new production inauguration function was held in the city of Zarechny, Penza Region.

Penza Region Governor Ivan Belozertsev, Deputy CEO of ROSATOM Vyacheslav Pershukov, Director of Project Office for Development of International Business of ROSATOM Dmitry Baidarov and Director of NIIgrafit JSC Yevgeny Mayanov attended the event.


The process will be run by C-PLUS, a joint venture of NIIgrafit JSC (part of scientific division of ROSATOM) and NANOPOLYMER Ltd.

The process will be set up in buildings bought by NIIgrafit JSC as part of sales of objects which are not used in the main production of M. V. Protsenko PA Start (part of the nuclear weapons complex of ROSATOM).


The new process will produce polymers modified with fullerens С60 and С70 (carbon-based nanoparticles). At present, they have started production of articles for mining industry, automotive industry (as part of localization of component parts fabrication in Russia), and consumer goods. The structural material modified with fullerens, which have unique properties, are planned to be offered in building industry. Owing to fullerene additives for oils and lubricants, the wear parameters of mechanisms improve.


The preliminary negotiations on selling fullerens were held with Tatneftekhiminvestholding’s management. In addition to production of fulletren mixture С60 and С70, it is planned to produce a broad range of polymers having special-purpose properties (polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomers, as well as polyurethane foam systems with a pre-set density).

«The launch of the production line to produce new generation composite materials proves once again that ROSATOM’s leadership is based on implementation of latest achievements of science in the production, which introduce innovations in our life already today,» Vyacheslav Pershukov said. «It is worth noting that owing to launching science-intensive production, which is fitted with most advanced equipment, highly productive jobs have been created and payments to the local budget will increase,» he said.


C-PLUS is a joint venture of ROSATOM (NIIgrafit JSC) and NANOPOLYMER Ltd. It was established on December 8, 2015.

Main businesses are development of technologies and production of carbon nano-clusters, i.e. fullerens С60 and С70, polyamide- and polyurethane-based polymers having special-purpose properties, composite materials, as well as modified bonding agents thereof.

Source : Neftegaz.RU