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Rosatom announced launching a venture fund

Rosatom announced launching a venture fund for new and promising areas.

Moscow, June 5 - Neftegaz.RU. Rosatom has announced launching a venture fund for new and promising areas. The fund will focus on developing new business areas connected with perspective sectors of Russian and world economy.


The key investment areas will be artificial intelligence and other digital solutions in industry and service applications, renewables and smart energy, 3D printing and new materials, development systems for smart and energy efficient cities.


Main investment objects will be early and seed stage companies, as well as companies entered the scaling stage. The key parameters in selection of the investment objects are fast growth prospects, potential for global technological expansion and synergy with main areas of development of Rosatom .


The fund is created as an investment partnership agreement and is open for co-investors. On its part, Rosatom invests up to RUB 3 billion in the fund, but the fund format – the investment partnership – has been selected by the state-owned corporation to attract and interest other market investors increasing the volume of investments by 2-3 times.


1st Deputy Director General of Rosatom Kirill Komarov said: «The creation of the corporate venture fund is an important driver of development of new business areas of Rosatom and aimed at substantial broadening of capabilities and growth potential. The fund is one of the tools of the system of innovation development and control being created in Rosatom and operates in close synergy with other divisions. The most important task of the fund is to make the path for start-ups to Russian and world market more realistic and fast with the use of Rosatom ’s capabilities.»


The management company will be headed by General Director of Orbita Capital Partners Evgeniy Kuznetsov, ex-head of Russian Venture Company.


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Source : Neftegaz.RU