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Rosatom: TENEX concluded 16 new contracts in 2018

TENEX brings the 2018 year activity to a successful conclusion.

Moscow, December 28 - Neftegaz.RU. TENEX brings the 2018 year activity to a successful conclusion. The company's results are preliminary estimated by about $1.7 billion as per the sales volume and by about $17.4 billion as per the long-terms contracts portfolio. 


The company has carried out more than 70 enriched uranium products export shipments and about 20 natural uranium sales out of TENEX’s foreign material stock accounts to the customers from 11 countries. The overall value of 16 new contracts concluded with 10 customers from 5 countries amounts up to $1.9 billion.


In 2018 TENEX and Uranium One Group have implemented a set of measures for the integration of commercial activities within the implementation of ROSATOM decisions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Russian nuclear fuel cycle products on the world market.


The main result was unity of natural uranium sales management, both companies corporate structure optimization, total internal costs reduction.


The outgoing year was the tenth anniversary one for the ROSATOM public reporting system project, in which TENEX has been participating since its launch among the 6 key industry organizations.


Source : Neftegaz.RU