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Copper Price Rising , Gold Either

In New York, COMEX gold rose to a one-month high

The copper in London Metal Exchange (LME) ended at five-week highs Thursday, the raise was caused by short covering and fund buying against a background of dollar weakness.
On Wednesday workers at Tara Mines in Ireland, Europe's biggest zinc mine, said they planned to stop work for three days starting June 1 in a strike that management says will lead to the suspension of operation.
Copper ended at $2,774 a tonne, its highest in five weeks and 3.2 per cent up on Wednesday's kerb close of $2,688. Aluminium rose $11 to $1,672. Zinc was at $1,100, up $10, but lead slipped to $839 versus $850. Nickel was at $12,100, up from $11,675.
In New York, COMEX gold rose to a one-month high, closing back in on $400 an ounce, as the dollar tumbled on disappointing economic data and anxiety about global security sent investors back into safe havens.