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Sage tests indicate high metal recovery at Cane

Sage Gold Inc. has received the results of metallurgical testing completed

Sage Gold Inc. has received the results of metallurgical testing completed by the Research and Productivity Council (RPC, Fredericton, N.B.) on a 60-kilogram composite sample (taken from the lower bench) from the Cane gold occurrence on the Onaman property near Beardmore, Ont. The following note is an excerpt from the RPC report.

"Sage Gold Inc. supplied a bulk sample to RPC of Cane Gold for mineral beneficiation test work including mineralogy, heavy liquid gravity separation (TBE), Wilfley tabling and preliminary scoping flotation tests. The ore mineralogy consists mainly of pyrite, sphalerite, and galena, with minerals of lesser abundance include freibergite, gudmundite, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, and pyrargyrite ranging in size from 1 microm to 500 microm, but typically <100 microm. The rougher flotation tests at P80 of 63 micron achieved 97/96/90%, Pb/Ag/Au recovery, grading 43%/1896 g/t/21.4 g/t, respectively (Table 1). Actual grades and recoveries of Pb, Au, Ag and Zn were determined in the cleaning test results. Final rougher and cleaner recoveries for Pb/Ag/Au were 93.7/93.9/81.6%, respectively with a Pb grade of 66.3%. The Pb concentrate also carries most of the Ag assaying 4402 g/t and Au assaying 23.8 g/t. Final rougher and cleaner combined Zn recovery with a 1 stage cleaning was 91.8% at a grade of 56.2%."