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TGE Gas Engineering: construction of LNG receiving terminals

The company's goal is to successfully implement both national and international projects

TGE Gas Engineering: construction of LNG receiving terminals

Moscow, August 6 - Neftegaz.RU. In 2003 TGE signed a major project in Europe, the EPC contract for an LNG Import Terminal in Mugardos, Spain. Beside the challenge that this terminal was built on a very small plot it is still today a good example for outstanding technical solutions. The terminal constists of two full contaiment tanks with a storage capacity of 150,000 m³ each and is, with three loading arms, flexible to unload and reload LNG carriers. A truck loading station with a high level of automisation completes the package. Through the year 2019 the terminal unloaded roughly 2,225,000 cubic meters of LNG from ships and loaded 4,495 LNG trucks.

This project was not only a remarkable technology milestone it also formed our company as we know it today. After having signed the contract, the number of employees in our office in Bonn increased rapidly and the company moved into bigger office premises where you can find today our headquarter. We are happy to mention, that nowadays we are calling ourselves as experts in this area of work as the baseload LNG Receiving Terminal is our day to day business.

We are happy that we can call ourselves experts for the pressurized storage also for products like Butadiene and Ammonia. And we have no doubt that the pressurized bullet storage solution will also offer very interesting innovation projects regarding CO2 capture in the future.

Source : Neftegaz.RU