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Denmark opens debate for the 3rd route of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Denmark opens debate for the 3rd route of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Copenhagen, May 16 - Neftegaz.RU.Denmark will hold a public hearing, during which the participants will consider an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report describing this route, The operator Nord Stream 2 AG said that the EIA is based on detailed environmental research conducted along the pipeline route where the pipeline is planned to be constructed.

The pipeline operator also said that the comprehensive report describes the main characteristics and technical solutions of the planned pipeline system, as well as detailed assessments of potential impacts on the physio-chemical, biological and socio-economic environment in the Danish sector.

Nord Stream 2 AG added that the EIA also includes an assessment of potential trans-boundary impacts which may arise from activities to be carried out in Denmark, and identifies measures to prevent and mitigate potential adverse environmental impacts.

The public, Danish authorities, and organizations are invited to provide comments or raise their questions on the filed EIA report to the DEA until July 10, 2019. This deadline is extended to July 17 for the trans-boundary consultation under the Espoo Convention. A hearing organized by the DEA, where interested parties can raise their questions, will be held in Rønne on Bornholm on June 19.

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