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Seven Russian Victims Of Iraqi Rebels

Two Russia's citizens have been killed, and five ones wounded in an attack by Iraqi rebels

Two Russia?s citizens, which worked for the InterEnergoServis Company, which is reconstructing the thermal power plant ?Dora? in Iraq, have been killed, and five wounded in an attack by Iraqi rebels.
The incident occurred in Baghdad on Wednesday morning. A convoy with Russian workers was ambushed near a power station. Two Iraqis were also killed in the attack.
The wounded workers, which are in a critical condition, have been taken to hospital in Bagdad.
In regards to the incident, InterEnergoServis decided to evacuate all its personnel from Iraq. The company has prepared a formal request to the Emergency Ministry. InterEnergoServis has 241 employees in Iraq.
By the way, on May 10, a group of Russian contract workers was attacked by Iraqi rebels in Musayyib, about 60 km south of Baghdad. One worker was killed and two were taken hostage. They were released later. They also were InterEnergoServis employees.