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New Iraqi Government Unwelcome, Iraqi Pipeline Detonating

Wreckers blew up a key northern oil pipeline near Beiji Wednesday

Iraq: wreckers blew up a key northern oil pipeline near Beiji Wednesday, causing a 10 percent cut on the national energy grid.
Two main Kurdish parties warned Iraqi interim government, they might bolt the new government if the Shiite majority gains too much power.
Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq is still frightening - in Sunni city west of Baghdad four members of an Iraqi force were wounded when a mortar round exploded. Iraqi 1st Lieut. Amer Jassim speculated the attackers were firing at Americans but missed.
The attack on the pipeline - which carries fuel to the Beiji power station, one of Iraq's largest - forced a 10 per cent cutback in the country's 4,000-megawatt production.