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Two BP Emploees Killed While Working

Investigations into the causes of the deaths are still pending

Two BP's contract drilling workers were killed in separate accidents within four days earlier this month in the USA, the company said.

Both workers suffered head injuries "in the course of normal activities" during the drilling of wells, Ronnie Chappell, a BP spokesman in Houston, said Tuesday.

Investigations into the causes of the deaths are still pending, he said. BP said it is cooperating with government agencies in both states on the probes.

One of the workers, killed November 13 at the Milne Point oil field on Alaska's North Slope, was working outdoors near a parked vehicle when he fell and struck his head, Chappell said.

The second worker was killed on November 17 after the drilling of a well in eastern Oklahoma. He was cleaning a tank when he was struck in the head by the hand-held wand of a high-pressure washer, killing him.