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Gazprom Neft’s PRO сatalysis аorum is now a worldwide event

Gazprom Neft’s PRO сatalysis аorum is now a worldwide event

St Petersburg, November 7 - Neftegaz.RU. The 3rd annual PRO Catalysis Forum, organised by Gazprom Neft and highlighting issues relating to catalyst development, production and usage in oil refining, has taken place in Russia.

The 2019 event has now reached an international scale, with the conference attended by more than 160 specialists, including oil company and refinery representatives, catalyst producers, technology licensors, raw materials producers, consulting companies, and research and development organisations from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, the Netherlands, Serbia and the U.S.

Forum participants discussed the outlook for Russia’s oil refining and petrochemicals industries, analysing current trends on the global catalyst market and discussing in detail predicted changes in supply and demand for oil products on the domestic and international markets.

Delegates focussed, in particular, on making the greatest possible use of modern high-tech catalysts’ full characteristics and properties in improving economic efficiency in oil refining and petrochemicals production.

Gazpromneft-Catalytic Systems CEO Alexander Chembulaev stressed: «The need for that sort of dialogue is dictated by the market itself, which today demands not just separate, individual “producers” and “customers”, but a holistic and integrated ecosystem. Our new catalyst production facility - now in active development and construction - is a good example of precisely that sort of ecosystem. This new enterprise will provide a direct link with the scientific community, will offer a wide-ranging service model, and will make it possible to fine-tune catalyst composition in line with specific customer needs».

Catalysts used in oil refining processes are nano-structured agents which, when introduced into immediate chemical interactions, speed up chemical reactions in oil refining.

Gazprom Neft has begun active construction of its modern high-tech oil-refining catalyst production facility. Total annual production capacity is 21,000 tonnes, comprising 4,000 tonnes of hydrotreatment catalysts, 2,000 tonnes of hydrocracking catalysts, and 15,000 tonnes of cat-cracking catalysts - all of which are used in key secondary refining processes making possible the production of Euro-5 motor fuels.