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EPC?s Russia & CIS Refining & Petrochemical Events Becoming International

The two events will bring together professionals representing all parties in our industry

Euro Petroleum Consultants Ltd (EPC) has announced that their Russia & CIS Refining & Petrochemical events this year are attracting more and more international delegates.

The conferences scheduled for the beginning of April (Russia & CIS Refining & Petrochemicals Business Conference - RPBC and Russia & CIS Refining & Petrochemicals Equipment Conference - RPEC) will be attended not only by Russian Refineries and Petrochemical Companies, but are also attracting refiners from overseas regions including Asia, Europe and North Africa.

This as well as the case studies that will be presented will make these events global forums for exchanging ideas and experience between refining and petrochemical plants from countries with different background and economic levels who all share similar problems and goals - to improve product quality, reliability and efficiency of plant operations.

The two events will bring together professionals representing all parties in our industry including: Refiners, Licensors, Suppliers of Equipment, Contractors, Consultants and Government organizations.

More then 30 companies choose to exhibit at both events and more then 150 delegates are expected to attend each of the two events.

The Russia & CIS RPBC 2006 (3 & 4 April) is in its fourth year and is based on the current fluctuations in the business. The Russian Refining industry continues to see changes of ownership for many refineries eg. Gasprom, Rosneft and Russneft. The new owners will need to evaluate the capabilities of each Refinery and plan for the future requirements of the market.

The important issues will continue to be rationalising operating facilities, meeting export quality product requirements for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, increasing conversion in refineries, reducing energy consumption, improving control and optimisation systems, revamping existing installations to improve efficiency and reliability, meeting more stringent environmental requirements and improving the safety of operations.

Traditionally the event will be followed by a Producers Panel session to which will be invited Senior Officials from Leading Refining and Petrochemicals Groups. The delegates and journalists will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding their future plans or subjects covered at the conference, which provoke interesting open discussions. The panel will be covered by RBK TV as well as other respected western and Russian oil & gas media.

RPEC 2006 (5 & 6 April) will be the first equipment conference of its kind but EPC is delighted that the event is already exceeding expectations. Leading Equipment suppliers will present the latest developments at RPEC 2006 and will also present applications in Refineries to demonstrate the benefits for actual projects which have been implemented.

"An important issue for many Refiners in Russia and the FSU is to improve on-stream time and minimize unscheduled shutdowns. This can be done by replacing defective equipments by their modern counterparts" said Colin Chapman president of EPC, who has more then 30 year experience in the Russian Downstream Business.

EPC prides itself on its expertise in the Russian Market. EPC is also a strong consulting company and has established solid relationships with the principal Russian & CIS Refining & Petrochemical Companies, which as well as many others, have become regular attendees at their events.

With their upcoming events EPC yet again will provide an unique opportunity to become updated on what is happening in the Russian Refining and Petrochemicals Industry and will be an opportunity for Refiners from Russia and CIS and those attending from Asia, Europe and North Africa to be updated on latest solutions to improve their businesses at RPBC as well as to receive comprehensive information on the latest equipment developments at RPEC.