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2nd Annual Global Oil & Gas Expansion Congress, Dubai

2nd Annual Global Oil & Gas Expansion Congress "Exclusive Event on Production & Exploration": totals

Leading oil and gas industry professionals all across the world brainstormed on the challenges facing the industry in the nearest future on 21st -22nd May 2007 at Global Oil & Gas Expansion Congress, which took place at the Le Medirien in Dubai.

The two-day executive congress saw most distinguished names in the field of production & exploration, displaying innovative solutions and highlighting "best practices" to ensure quality of solutions delivered at minimal cost.

The event designed to provide an effective platform for sharing of experiences and expertise, networking and forging of new business partnerships in a unique business-driven environment.

The spotlight was on the reduction of risk factors and building of holistic and integrated communication systems that would eventually lead to successful outcomes.

Approximately 100 delegates gathered at the conference, from AGCC countries.

Conference Speakers included:

-Niels Lindstaedt, Senior Planning Advisor Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), ADNOC Group
-Marc Cochrane,Project Coordination Manager (Zakum Asset Unit),ADMA – OPCO (TOTAL secondee)
-Dr. Dominique Guerillot,Director of Upstream Program, R&D Center, Saudi Aramco
-Sudhir K. Jain,Executive Director, LPG SBU Department, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
-Abdulla Al-Qadi , Director, Upstream Operation, Crescent Petroleum
-Khamis Juma Bu-Amim, Chairman - Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RECSO), Vice President – Dubai Petroleum Company
-David E A Williams, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP (United Kingdom)
-Leif Eriksen, Director, Energy and Process Manufacturing Solutions, Motorola
-Mahmut Sengul, Vice President, Schlumberger Carbon Services
-Middle East and Asia

2nd Annual Global Oil & Gas Expansion Congress 2007 is being supported by Argus Media, Upstream Newspaper,, Petroleum Africa.