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The 12th International Specialized Exhibition Interchem/Oilchem-2008

In the framework of the exhibition the specialized expositions are held:PLASTICS-2008, ANTIRUST PROTECTION-2008

October from 28 to 31 2008
The National Complex «Expocenter of Ukraine»

In the framework of the exhibition the specialized expositions are held:
• «Expocenter of Ukraine» National Complex
Supported by:
• The Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine
• The Union of Chemists of Ukraine
Exhibition topics:
• Raw materials and products of organic and inorganic chemistry
• Technologies, equipment and automation means for chemical, petrochemical and oil-processing production
• Chemical reagents, catalyst, ultra-pure substances
• Organic synthesis
• Synthetic resins, polymers, plastics
• Paint-and-lacquer materials, mastics, glues
• Chemical fibers
• Oil and chemical production
• Production and products of oil-processing
• Chemical fertilizers and chemical remedies of plant protection
• Household chemical goods
• Hygiene and cosmetics
• Biopharmaceutics
• Photo-, cinematerials
• Laboratory equipment and reagents
• Ecological aspects of chemical production. Protection of labour
• Practical use of chemical materials in machine-, ship- and aircraft building, electronics, radio industry, building, wood processing and food industry
• Pre-packing, packaging, stowage and transporting of chemical products
Exhibition program:
o Presentation of the company and its products
o Rewarding of participants with diplomas
o BUSINESS CLUB - program of business meetings, «round tables»
The National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” provides with the following exhibition services:
- projection, design, decorating of expositions
- mounting, dismantling and rent of exhibition equipment
- advertising and information maintenance
- bringing of the information into the catalogue of exhibition participators (printed and e-catalogue)
- flower-decorative design of expositions
- transport-forwarding, customs, insurance services
- hotel accommodation
We do our best to take into consideration all the wishes of participants.
If you want to take part in the exhibition please fill in the application form.
Exhibition manager: Valeriya Pyshna tel./fax: +38(044) 596-92-24,
«Expocenter of Ukraine» National Complex
1 Glushkov Ave., Kyiv, 03680, UKRAINE
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 596 9224, Tel.: 596 9010