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International Conference “Russian Oil and Gas Sector: Realities, Priorities, Opportunities”

ROSNEFT and RINKO-Alliance will speak at the event on June 9th, 2008, in Calgary...

ROSNEFT and RINKO-Alliance will speak at the International Conference “Russian Oil and Gas Sector: Realities, Priorities, Opportunities”, which will be on the threshold of Global Petroleum Show on June 9th, 2008, in Calgary (Canada). This is the first ever event at GPS dedicated to Russia.

Senior representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Russian Ministry of Transport, PSA-Subsoil Agency with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, GAZPROM, SNC-LAVALIN, OTO, Eurasian Logistic Association and other key market players have already confirmed their speeches at the conference. They are ready to provide their viewpoint on the dynamics of Russia’s investment and business climate and real opportunities for foreign involvement in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas projects.

The conference will cover the key trends of the Russian oil and gas industry, as well as governmental and major companies’ plans in developing upstream oil and gas projects in Russia. It will also specify future tasks for oilfield service companies along with designers and builders of oil and gas infrastructure; and present corporate long term plans for increasing downstream and petrochemical capacity.

The conference’s preliminary program has been published at

All the registered conference delegates will be provided with an access to the RPI-Connect program that will let them pre-arrange business meetings with other conference delegates, guests and speakers well in advance.


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