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‘Gas Storage and Infrastructure Forum.’

The forum is being held on the 11th and 12th September in Vienna and will be attended by guest speakers who have been carefully selected to offer the most relevant guidance...

Over this 2 day informative event delegates will be delivered the most expert knowledge from major industry speakers. Together they will evaluate the role of storage facilities, tackle the challenges, explore new developments and clearly understand all aspects of the evolving market.

The forum is being held on the 11th and 12th September in Vienna and will be attended by guest speakers who have been carefully selected to offer the most relevant guidance.

Gas storage is beginning to play more and more of a vital role in the wider gas market, by increasing the reliability and security of supply and demand in many regions around the globe. The number of storage facilities, both in the form of underground storage units (salt caverns, aquifers and depleted oil and gas fields), above ground tanks and in-pipeline capabilities, are rapidly growing, particularly across Europe. The issues inherent in gas storage management are wide and varied, encompassing management and operation strategies, technologies, regulatory factors and environmental impacts.

Vice-president Major, infrastructures division at Gaz de France will be giving his outlook on gas storage in the current market environment. The role of gas storage within the industry today will be analysed to create an opening image for the event topic. Highlighting the recent growth and exactly what prompts the use of gas storage and infrastructure projects. This will be a particularly informative insight offering delegates current and projected figures for the gas storage industry.

Head of Inchukalns UGS will be introducing the company’s underground storage development. Discussing the key technological parameters, the most important investment projects of IUGS and also reviewing its exclusive characteristics.

Operations Director from Centrica Storage will delve into the life cycle management for a Rough underground storage facility. Outlining what is really meant by ‘life cycle management’ in gas storage and how to effectively implement such a programme. Delegates will benefit from discovering the lessons learned from the successes and failures of such a programme and the plans for future enhancements.

The event also promises to deliver important developments on regulatory change and the impacts on the European market in particular. Considering the long-term benefits as well as the complications involved in these regulations.

With more guest speakers, smooth event format and informal networking opportunities attendees will undoubtedly gain extensive value from this event.

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