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TOG 2008 - Technology of Oil and Gas, Forum and Exhibition

Spotlight of the world's oil and gas industry firmly focused on Libya at TOG 2008 in October 2008...

Spotlight of the world’s oil and gas industry firmly focused on Libya at TOG 2008

The Fourth Technology of Oil and Gas Forum and Exhibition (TOG 2008) will take place in Tripoli, Libya, 21– 23 October 2008 and is expected to be the definitive oil and gas event to attend, in what is without doubt, one of the most vibrant and exciting energy markets worldwide.

TOG will be organized by the Libyan Petroleum Institute (LPI), formally known as the Petroleum Research Center of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), which was established in 1977 to undertake responsibility for the technical and scientific support needed by the Libyan oil and gas, upstream and downstream industry. It is also supported by the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

It is expected that TOG 2008 will attract an unprecedented amount of participants, due to the fact that Libya has generated a tremendous volume of interest from international investors. The oil and gas sector is thriving as a result of the vast potential of new discoveries that can be made. Currently only 25% of the territory is covered by agreements with oil companies and it is estimated that potentially 100 bn barrels of oil reserves exist. It is anticipated that international oil companies will spend more than $ 7 bn on exploration over the next 10 years, as Libya aims to produce 3 mm bpd by the end of the decade, approximately doubling the current production of 1.63 mm bpd. Libya is also planning to invest $3bn in upgrading and expanding its refining and petrochemical utilities.

The aim of TOG, is to assist and facilitate the discussion between Libyan and international industry experts in order to harness and maximize the potential of its oil and gas industry. This dialogue will be carried out during the TOG 2008 Forum which will cover an all encompassing range of topics connected with the oil and gas industry. TOG will feature an oil and gas exhibition, where a diverse range of both international and local companies, involved in all areas of the industry, from exploration to production, will be able to demonstrate their products and services in an interactive way to a live audience.

Since 2002, TOG has already established itself as a key meeting place in the worldwide energy calendar and is held on a biennial basis. It is a fact that TOG is the only event in Libya covering the oil and gas industry that has a solid track history and repeats on a regular basis. TOG 2008 already features market leaders who are participating including: Shell, Chevron, Repsol, Conoco Phillips, Schlumberger, British Gas, Weatherford and official participation through the French Government in the form of UBI France.

For further information please contact:
AME Trade Ltd (International Representative)
Tel: +44 (0) 207 700 4857
Fax: +44 (0) 207 681 3120
Contact: Dan Coberman

Waha Expo Company (Official organiser)
P.O.Box: 83433 Tripoli – Libya
Tel: +218 21 360 6082 / 83
Fax: +218 21 361 9736
Contact: Ms Hanan Fahema

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