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HR leaders in Oil and Gas are meeting at "People Challenge"

The event has been designed to support the oil and gas industry in tackling talent shortages and to propose new solutions...

Jacob Fleming leading B2B strategic meeting organisers are to host their ‘2nd Annual People Challenge’ taking place on the 15th & 16th October in Barcelona. The event has been designed to support the oil and gas industry in tackling talent shortages and to propose new solutions.

The success of Jacob Fleming’s first People Challenge conference last year has shown the vital importance of the talent question in the Oil & Gas industry. Everyone in the industry is asking themselves the same question: what needs to be done to solve the talent shortage and lack of skilled and qualified workers with the right experience and professional level?

The industry today faces a diminishing pool of skills, particularly from the decreasing number of students enrolled in petroleum engineering and other oil and gas related fields. With an average age of 48 in the industry, a substantial part of the workforce is reaching retirement age rapidly and insufficient new talent is entering the industry. With the average age of retirement at 55, “the big crew change,” is fast approaching, with additional pressures from booming oil prices and planned investments.

This year, another gathering of decision makers and thought-leaders in the industry will discuss these crucial recruitment and talent management issues. Through case studies and interactive panel discussions, attendees will hear about effective HR strategies to fill the talent gap, with a focus on long-term solutions. Furthermore, at this event, there will be discussion of the new and emerging trends HR professionals deal with.

One of the key speakers at this event is the Vice President HR at MOL Group. The use of a case study will highlight the current situation and how the industry can plan on short-term and long-term talent development. Furthermore, he will discuss counterbalancing the disequilibrium between needed and available staff, as well as finding the right talent and retention strategy.

Head of Human Resources at OMV will explore ways of getting more from the existing workforce. At this event he will talk about how to achieve accelerated development of skills and developing people in the best way, whilst keeping them busy. He will also cover the opportunities and challenges that Fast-Track career paths could bring to the industry.

At this conference, attendees will also learn how to successfully refill the talent pool, the benefits of cooperation in university partnerships, and the workforce trends for the 21st century. Industry speakers will also be attending from companies including Petrom, The Energy Institute, Robert Gordan University, AMEC Natural Resources, Kacebi, Galp Energia, StaloilHydro and Mohive.

Please get in contact if you:
- Would like to attend this event as a delegate
- Would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities
- If you would like to attend as a member of the press

Contact: Karina Gusalova
Tel: +34 934524276

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