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“Global (Petro) Chemical and Oil Refinery Maintenance”

The conference has been designed to address challenges and offer the most effective solutions in all areas of maintenance....

Jacob Fleming leading B2B strategic meeting organisers have created their next conference by demand in the Chemical Industry. Taking place on the 18th & 19th September 2008 in Rome “Global (Petro) Chemical and Oil Refinery Maintenance” is the only title which can be used to describe this specific event. The conference has been designed to address challenges and offer the most effective solutions in all areas of maintenance.

Chemical/Petro chemical plants and oil refineries, inevitably, need to undergo maintenance to ensure that facilities meet their optimal production levels and output. Maintenance is not an option; do without it or do it poorly and it could lead to health and safety dangers, loss of reputation and possible catastrophes, not to mention huge loss of profits. Technical advancements mean that companies can now implement maintenance strategies which promote operational efficiency and give rise to positive impacts on asset reliability, availability and the general success of the company.

There are however, important issues that need to be addressed: which strategies are best suited to individual operations and how to successfully implement them; choosing, managing and building relationships with contractors; deciding on the right mix of inspection technology and using the data in an effective manner.

All of these topics will be covered by a group of specially selected expert speakers presenting case studies and discussing how the industry can implement the latest technologies to achieve better plant refinery reliability and availability. Speakers will share their experience of the best methods to reduce maintenance costs and establish criteria for effective outsourcing.

One of the Senior Managers from BASF South East Asia will talk about the best ways to achieve performance benchmarking and KPI’s. He will share his knowledge about identifying important elements and metrics which are used to measure maintenance and reliability performance in the plant. Delegates will be informed about the methodology in all maintenance activities to benchmark them against similar companies and to world class standard.

Chief Engineer from Ironside Lubricants will advise delegates on how to tackle issues associated with outsourcing maintenance and hiring contractors in which there are many common barriers. He will identify which plants and refineries benefit from the expertise of contractors and how long-term partnerships with contractors can evolve when moving from purely outsourcing work.

An exciting panel of experts has been invited to cover all other aspects of maintenance including speakers from Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd, BP Solvay, Conoco Phillips Humber Refinery, Kemira Service Partner, Saudi Aramco, Total, Borelis, Manchester University, Institute of Thermography, Robert Gordan University, National Starch and Chemical GmbH, Czech Refining Company and Lucite International.

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Contact: Karina Gusalova
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