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Digital Oilfields

Conference focusing on the challenges of Digital Oil Fields taking place on the 15th-16th September 2008 in Rome...

Jacob Fleming leading B2B strategic meeting organisers have scheduled a conference focusing on the challenges of Digital Oil Fields taking place on the 15th – 16th September 2008 in Rome. The event concentrates on the integration of technology both from a workforce and software perspective.

Digital Oil Fields are often referred to as ‘The fields of the future’ making it evident that there is a demand for this topic to be addressed. Ongoing advancements are being made to develop new technologies and integration tools as well as the processes and flows into existing systems. The industry has a need for more information and knowledge on how to cut costs and save time and this conference has been designed to offer the solutions they require.

The intelligent technologies, integral to Digital Oilfields, are beginning to enable huge advancements within the industry: accessing untapped reserves, optimizing production, facilitating more capable well placements, improving resource utilization, and the developments go on. As operators are becoming increasingly aware of the economic potential of these improvements, the absorption of Digital Oilfields is swiftly gaining momentum.

Up until the last couple of years, the emphasis on the implementation of Digital Oil fields has been on Technology. Today, the industry realizes that, as well as technology, supporting the workforce also has to be considered. The event will cover how to implement new technologies with existing people and work processes.

Speakers will present case studies and conduct panel discussions to give attendees the best advice from experts first hand experience. For example, one of the speakers in Field and Reservoir Data Management from Shell UK will present a case study on data monitoring and performance. This will outline the current trends in efficient approaches to data monitoring as well as addressing data quality and knowledge management.

By selecting a group of some of the most influential industry speakers this conference will effectively address these issues and more. Attendees will learn about current strategies and expertise to put into practice in their own operations.

Please get in contact if you:
- Would like to attend this event as a delegate
- Would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities
- If you would like to attend as a member of the press

Contact: Orla McDonagh
Tel: +34 934524276

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