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The 21st WPC will be conducted in Moscow on 15-19 June, 2014.

It is expected to become the largest event in the history of WPC.

It is expected to become the largest event in the history of WPC. Certainly, one of the important factors determining the specific significance of the 21st WPC is the host country: Russia has been and remains one of the largest producers of hydrocarbons in the world. Still, organizers of the Moscow Congress apply additional efforts in order to increase its representativeness and the number of attendees. In particular, it has been decided that the plenary sessions presentations shall be simultaneously translated into Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, German, French and Russian languages.

The level of participants at the Congresses is traditionally high and includes the heads of Governments and Ministers, CEOs of largest oil companies, financiers, investors, leading scientists. The latest 20th WPC has gathered approximately 5000 delegates, speakers and 500 media representatives from 90 countries.

The international Programme Committee of the Congress has been working very actively. The Technical programme of the Congress has already been formulated. It fully reflects the current conditions and prospects of development of the global petroleum industry, defines relevant issues for global tasks and targets all of the aspects of the most complex branch of the global economy. The final draft of the Technical programme of the 21st WPC consists, to a considerable degree, of topics suggested by the Russian Programme Committee and relevant for the Russian industrial sector and science and concerned with the development of Arctic shelves and improvement of oil refining and petrochemical industries.

The WPC brand is one of the most prestigious in the global petroleum industry. Most of world’s largest petroleum companies gladly accept the invitations to sponsor these events. In recent years, the number of sponsors of the WPCs has reached the level of 50 companies. Organizers of the 21st WPC are expecting to overcome this mark as well. As of this point, Russian oil companies «Transneft» and «Zarubezhneft» have already become sponsors of the upcoming event.

Source : Neftegaz.RU