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Booking your time for 3rd International LNG Congress

The most intent International LNG event will be held on October, 16-17, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. 


The most intent International LNG event will be held on October, 16-17, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. The business program will cover a discussion of the key idea about how to use liquefied natural gas as fuel more productively for the end user and for the whole business. You get informational networking, industry trends, learn invaluable best practice from over 30 international LNG customer case studies  and have an opportunity to make new acquaintances.


You will be able to visit:

  • an exhibition with live demonstrations, micro forums and interactive sessions;

  • a conference where there will be very specific points of view on technical innovation. For example, Tor Morten (Skangas, CEO) will be among the speakers with a speech about supplies LNG in the Nordic Markets;

  • VIP-meetings allow attendees the opportunity to meet business players to conquer new heights;

  • Gala dinner where everyone will spend time in a pleasant atmosphere and meet new acquaintances.


A large and small scale LNG conducted as parallel sessions will be divided into technical and business streams so the attendees will have full observation of both sides of questioning. The 3rd LNG Congress held by BGS Group, who creates an outstanding personal approach to each client, offers clients to look beyond the traditional notion and helps them to achieve their goals not only through exhibiting or speaking but through numerous promotion instruments that it has. 250 leaders of major gas companies, manufacturers, distributors, EPC contractors, end-users and governmental bodies will come together at the closed-door event.

Join the 3rd LNG

Source : Neftegaz.RU