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Forum of Gas Exporting Countries kicks off in Bolivia

The 4th Forum of Gas Exporting Countries being held for the 1st time in a South American nation.

The 4th Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (FGEC) being held for the 1st time in a South American nation, started on November 21, 2017, with the participation of 17 countries and 27 of tjhe most important enterprises of the sector.


Delegations from Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela participate in the program at the fair grounds of Fexpocruz.

Also attending are representatives of Irak, Oman, Peru, Norway, Kazakhstan and Azerbadzhan as observer countries.


The minister of Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea, Gabriel Obiang Lima, when he arrived the eve to this city, highlighted the importance of gas production for power generation and the petrochemical industry.

For his part, Douglas Sosa, Venezuelan deputy minister of Gas, confirmed the presence of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, in the FGEC, as well as minister of Petroleum, Eulogio del Pino.


Among the most representative companies present at the event, are Gazprom, Repsol, Shell, Total, Ecopetrol, PDVSA, Qatar Petroleum, Sonagas,  Petrobras and Refinor.


The calendar of the meeting, in which will also attend 18 ministers of the sector, schedules for today the meeting of the group JODI-Gas, which links the most important eight organizations of the energy world and handles the statistics of gas and petroleum prices in a transparent manner.


There will also be 3 panel meetings with the gas companies, opportunity that Bolivia will take to announce the 80 areas open to exploration with a potential of 60 trillion cubic feet (TCF) in order to attract new investments.


The FGEC is an association of nations which together have over 70 % of the gas reserves of the world and are responsible for 40 percent of the supply of that fuel through pipelines.


Source : Neftegaz.RU