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Kazakhstan bans oil product exports by car for 6 months

Kazakhstan bans oil product exports by car for 6 months

Astana, November 8 - Neftegaz.RU. Kazakhstan has banned the export of oil products by car for a period of 6 months, according to a document on the energy ministry website, Platts reported.

Last month Kazakhstan's energy minister Kanat Bozumbaev warned against exports to nearby countries of cheaper gasoline and diesel and said prices in Kazakhstan could be raised to the level of Russian prices, according to media reports published on the energy ministry website.

Kazakhstan used to rely on imports of duty-free gasoline from Russia to cover domestic demand, but following the modernization of Kazakhstan's 3 refineries, it announced earlier this year that it could export up to 600,000 mt/year of gasoline to nearby countries in Central Asia.

Separately, Kazakhstan will reduce the share of imported jet fuel to 4% in 2019 from 60% in 2018, following refinery upgrades, according to the energy ministry's website.

The country's jet fuel output in 2019 is forecast at 694,000 mt, or more than 60% higher year on year, and could potentially rise to 850,000 mt/year.